Make A Great First Impression

Make your first impression count. Examples of photos

You’re sharing the site with thousands of singles, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd. The first impression is a vital moment in online dating. Here are some quick and easy ways to get more views, messages and dates…

The Photo: The Search First Impression

This is rule #1. Without a photo, you’re going to be ignored by a lot of singles. A big reason for not uploading a photo is fear of judgement or rejection. But take a look at all the smiling faces already onsite. Each one had the same doubts and hang-ups as you and yet they still uploaded their photo. By not having a photo, you are missing out on that first impression, which in online dating can make or break your connection. Having your photo there actually prevents the future awkward conversation about why you don’t have one and the inevitable question of can you upload one. And, once you have one, why not add more? The more you add, the more appealing you look and the more attention you receive.

Man with camera

The Introduction: The Inbox First Impression

Introduction messages were designed to grab attention. They are general messages you can send to multiple singles on the site. They are the online dating equivalent of a chat up line, but one that gives a more subtle but positive first impression. What makes them so worthwhile is their ability to reach people you may not necessarily have sent a message to personally. In fact, many couples have met this way on JustSingles. An Introduction has caught their eye and they have replied. Make sure the subject line is catchy, a question or something unusual about you will makes you stand out.

Sending a message

Update Your Profile Regularly

Getting into Recently Updated will work wonders for your popularity. Every time you make a change to your profile, or add some text, you automatically are labeled as Recently Updated. This is a popular way for people to search the site. This label makes you seem more engaged and serious.

Don’t Be A Stranger

Logging in regularly helps to get your face out there and keep up to date with your messages. You have more chance of connecting with someone onsite if the conversation flows and you seem genuinely interested in keeping in touch with them. Be consistent from the beginning and any awkwardness with your failing to reply after a few days will cease to be an issue.

Simple rules to follow but each one adds up to the likelihood that you will dazzle fellow singles and find the one! Log in now and change start making great first impressions!