How Online Dating Can Give You A Confidence Boost

Online dating can be a blast. It can be the most fun you’ve had on your phone, tablet or laptop in an age. And while we’re all stuck in the same lockdown boat, online dating can be a lifeline out of the mundane, day in, day out mess that we’re all in. There are loads of bonuses to starting an online dating profile and here at Just Singles, we’ve got some ideas on how it can give you a much needed boost!

Photo Attention

Having an online dating profile means that you can share as much (or as little) about yourself as you want to. You are encouraged to share photos within your profile and it is a great opportunity to have an impromptu photoshoot at home. You can share old snaps from holidays in the sun (that feel like a distant memory) or recent photos of you looking your best.

The boost of having someone like your photo and send you a message saying how gorgeous you like is massive.

Make sure you add the best quality pictures to your profile – don’t leave your matches squinting at the sight of you!

Just Singles Lockdown Dating Tips
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Diary Fun

If you are a member of Just Singles, you’ll be able to write diary entries to tag along with your profile. These diaries can be anything that you want. Some members use them to document their dating experience so far – both offline and online. Some members use them to tell stories and some even use them to entice potential suitors. 

Here at Just Singles, we’ve found that the best way to find matches quicker is to use the Diaries feature to share more about your dating experience coupled with your everyday life. It has helped many fledgeling couples bridge the gap between flirting and chatting!

Diaries are a massive confidence booster!

Who’s Viewed You

Just Singles has a great feature where you can see when you’ve been viewed and who it was that viewed your profile. I mean, is there a better way to feel good about yourself than to know that your profile is booming and people are continuously looking at it!

If you’ve got nice pictures and lots of up to date information on your profile, chances are you’ll get moved more and more! 


Our brilliant Encounters feature is unique to Just Singles. It’s a great way to swipe those singles online that you like the look of – and swipe away the ones that you don’t like. You’ll get a notification if you’ve been swiped and someone fancies you!

There are so many ways to get a good confidence boost with Just Singles – embrace staying home and finding yourself!

What are you waiting for? Join Just Singles now and get your mojo back!