Dating For Introverts

Just Singles knows that for some, dating can be a very daunting prospect, especially for those who are introverts.

So, maybe you have spent time talking to someone and now you have yourself a date…

It’s time to peel away from the safety of the sofa.


Cue the mass panic and the urge to abandon the idea all together. What if it’s in a crowded place? What will I say? Why did i agree to this?

Before you bail on your date, have a read of our guide to introvert dating and see if we can help,

You don’t have to agree to a date straight away


With online dating, it offers the luxury of getting to know someone from afar . This is the ideal situation for those who shy away from face to face human interaction but still allows for open communication. When you find a match, you can keep in contact and agree to dates when you are ready. There’s nothing wrong with striking up a friendship first.

Be upfront with your matches.


You should be looking for someone that understands your way of thinking. What you may see as a burden, could be wildly endearing to another. Be honest in your profile about what you enjoy and what situations you are comfortable with. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not – Embrace your “introverted-ness”!

You don’t just have to date other introverts.


Introverts are inclined to gravitate toward people with similar introvert attributes. They seem to understand some of the quirky habits and sympathise better. It doesn’t mean they are your perfect match though. Sometimes an introvert and an extrovert make for a perfect coupling too!

Have your date somewhere you are comfortable.

Why not suggest somewhere yourself? Do you have a favourite quiet restaurant, what about seeing a movie? Do what makes you comfortable. A lot of quiet and secluded places can be very romantic. Sometimes doing something active can also help with the nerves and help avoid awkward silences. Maybe go for a walk or take part in a fun class.

Have a “go to” list of conversation starters.

Never met

You might be panicking about awkward silences or saying the wrong thing. Have a few starter questions ready in case the conversation falls flat. Ask about their interests or aspirations. A good idea is to see what they ask you and bat back the question after you have answered.

Be honest if it gets too much.


There is no shame in admitting you are overwhelmed. Just be sure to communicate to your date how you are feeling. They will more than likely be understanding.

Go for it!
Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be empowering. Break out of your shell and embrace the opportunity!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team

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