Prep Your Profile For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is nearly upon us, so now is the perfect time to revamp your dating profile!

To help you get Valentine’s ready, we’ve put together a “do’s and don’ts” guide to help you!

Profile Picture

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This is the first thing your potential matches see, so make it count! With all those recent New Years celebrations, you’re bound to have some new and flattering photo’s of you floating about. You can upload up to 30 pictures to your profile so don’t hold back. Make sure you have at least one photo though, as most members only search for other members that have a picture.

Top tip: Make sure your picture is clear and recent. Try to avoid any social media distortions that may make you look different from your lovely self! 

About You


If you’d like to write your own personalised description of yourself here is the perfect place! There are some rules to abide by (obviously keep it clean and swear free!) but you are free to write as much or as little about yourself as you see fit. We recommend 100 – 150 words. Obviously, the more you capture someones attention, the more likely they are the message you!

Top tip: Keep it positive! Being honest is very important but try to avoid negative things that might be off-putting to onlookers.  

Your Characteristics and Interests

This selection lets your viewer see some of the basic characteristics and interests that you have. You can fill in as much or as little as you see fit. Any unanswered options will be excluded from appearing on your page. Try to select as much relevant information as possible, just in case your perfect match is filtering their search!


Interests is a quick multiple choice option, allowing you to select general things that you might be interested in. This allows members to find you based on these interests if they refine their search page criteria.


Top tip: Fill in as much as you can or are comfortable with – the more information available, the more interest you will draw.  

Your Answers


We have hand selected some questions specifically designed to help others learn a little more about you. You can fill in all 14 or select only those you are comfortable answering. Any unanswered questions will not be displayed on your profile. Your answers could be the perfect conversation starter!

Top tip: Try to write a sentence rather than short words to really engage peoples interest. 

Time to get updating for Valentine’s, and with any luck you’ll find yourself a Valentine’s date!

Until next time,

The Just  Singles Team




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