Date Ideas For: Dieters

It’s a new dawn, a new day… and all that jazz. Everyone is now on the ‘I’m going to cut out all carbs, alcohol and cigarettes… but weekdays don’t count…’ bandwagon that is standard for the first couple of weeks (or hours depending on your weakness levels) of a new year. But being on a diet is no excuse not to get out there and date like crazy! How else will you be able to tick-off resolution number 2: Find love? Help is at hand calorie-counters, we’ve got this under wraps… (mmm… wraps)
 1. Have a liquid lunch
Whether you’re a fancy dater or a last-minuter, swapping a meal out for a liquid lunch or evening is easy. You can suggest a formal wine-bar or bistro for a more formal experience, or a local cosy coffee shop for some afternoon tea. See where the mood takes you – but watch out for bar snacks and ‘extra-frothy-marshmallows-triple-cream-latte’s’ that will be trying to catch you off guard. A black coffee or a green tea will energize you and help you to keep you on your toes through any awkward silences…
2. Size isn’t everything
A meal out is a dating tradition that has stood the test of time, and it is still a date option for weight-watchers. Skipping meals is never a good idea – eat lighter meals and plan ahead instead. If your date is surprising you with the date location then eat healthy meals beforehand. If you’re booking the restaurant- research the menu, check it out online and decide what you are going to order in advance. This way, when you order you will seem confident and driven, which are desirable traits in a partner.
3. Do it your way
Why go out at all? Be the host or hostess, and arrange a home cooked meal. You’re watching what you eat and preparing more meals from scratch anyway, so you might as well share this experience. This kind of date is more intimate so it is recommended you do this after at least two previous dates (or more, depending on how comfortable you feel). If you host, you are more in control, you can stick to portion sizes and calorie counts, and you can also show your partner what a budding chef you are!
4. Play hard to get…fit
Date on the move! Once you get to your third or fourth date, do something active to burn off all those calories. Going for the burn doesn’t have to necessarily be in a gym, you could go for a brisk walk around some botanical gardens, riverfront, seafront, forests – no matter where you live there’s always somewhere nice to walk around and explore. Read our blog Active Date ideas for further inspiration. This is date will also make you look pro-active and adventurous to your partner.
5. Be supportive
 If you’re a pair of dieters- this is even better! Studies show that couples that diet as a team are ten times more likely to stick it out. If you’re living with your partner, get creative by making wall charts, cooking rotas and exercise challenges. Do the weekly food shop together and discuss what to try next. Even if you aren’t living together, tell your date about your goals and achievements – once you know that they know about them, this will be added pressure to keep it up!
There you are, no excuses, go out and seize the day, together!
Let us know if you try out any of these date ideas and whether they were a success in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #JustSinglesDates.
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