5 Reasons Why Traffic Jams Can Be Good For Your Love Life

Tuesday, 23 October, 2012 by Just Singles

This week Jenna talks about finding love in a traffic jam… It’s 5.45pm, you’re sat in traffic, there’s nothing good on the radio and all you’re thinking about is getting home to dinner and a glass of wine. But hold on, who’s that? You look over to your right and see the driver of the […]


“We Are Hoping To Get Married in 2014…”

Tuesday, 9 October, 2012 by Just Singles

Oh we do love a success story! Sarah and Rob met on Just Single Parents, this is their story… “I first contacted Rob just as we were both about to give up. We contacted each other for a week then decided to meet up. Our first date was at the Mall in Bristol where I […]


Quick Tip – Smile!

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012 by Just Singles

Go on…say cheese! So, you’re looking to impress at that all important first date, but before the evening progresses into longing looks across the table and whispers of sweet nothings, you know what’s coming first, that first 3-7 seconds – the assessment. They walks towards you, your heart races, your head spins, your hands are […]