Profile Photos: What They Really Think


Everyone has that one photo of themselves that they love – the one that caught you at your very best angle, with the perfect lighting. You know the one! And of course, you should upload this photo to your online dating profile. In fact, make it the main photo! But, if you really want to make an impression, try and add at least two more photos to your profile.  As fantastic as your best photo may be, people viewing your profile won’t feel like they really know what you look like (and if they fancy you) until they’ve seen you in a couple more.

A few photos in different situations, perhaps doing something that you love will also make great conversation starters. Don’t appear to be trying too hard and don’t be afraid to add photos where you look a bit silly. A sense of humour and a glimmer of personality is much more likely to grab the attention of others, than a boring old selfie!

If two or more of your profile photos are with the same person of the opposite gender, viewers of your profile are likely to wonder who this mystery person is. Be it your gay best friend, your sister or your old pal from school, if your only good photos are all with the same person, just slip something in your profile text explaining who it is. There’s nothing worse than people thinking all your photos are with your ex, or worse, your current partner!

Being part of a close family is great, and actually something that many people admire, but lots of photos with family members on your profile can be a little off-putting for some. Meeting a new partner’s family is daunting at the best of times and lots of family photos gives the impression that you’re going to be dragging dates along to family functions right from the start. Mix it up and be sure to include a few non-family photos to show what you’re really about.

Finally, always try to have at least one photo of you by yourself on your profile. An overload of photos with friends or family can not only make it difficult for others to work out who you are, but if all of your photos are with other people, it suggests you sometimes blend into the crowd and you’re not very confident about yourself as an individual. Remember, this is your dating profile so make sure it’s all about you!

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Emma is a Marketing Engagement Executive. She went to Bournemouth Arts University and has a degree in Fashion Studies. She has a love for vintage markets and enjoys nothing more than a weekend at a muddy music festival.