Lockdown Game Ideas

So, it’s happened, the country is officially on lockdown. The entire population of the United Kingdom have now been relegated to their homes for the foreseeable future due to the Corona Virus outbreak. It’s a bleak time, we don’t know when we’ll next be allowed to get out and bask in the sunshine but many are hopeful that if we follow BoJo’s instructions, we’ll get through this quickly! 

The lovely team at Just Singles have put together some great ideas for how you can pass the time while you’re stuck on lockdown! We’ve got loads of suggestions to help you stay entertained!

  1. Quarantine Olympics

Why not set up a sporting area in your house/flat or even in your garden to play games in. We’re not talking the actual Olympic standard but more things like sober cup pong, ping pong with chopping boards, the classic primary school wheelbarrow, spinning around on a broom, drinking water the quickest and the quickest maker of the paper airplane. There’s loads of fun that you can have on your own or on video to your friends and family!

2. Karaoke

Everyone loves a good sing song and now that the sun is shining, more people will be out in their gardens listening out for human activity. Why not blast some 90s tunes and get your karaoke crown on?

3. The tea bag challenge

For those with a clean mind, the tea bag challenge is simple and it’s fun! Set up three tea cups on your work surface and grab three unused tea bags. Then take four big steps back from your work surface and try and chuck the three tea bags into the cups in one go!

4. Sock pacman
You may have seen a video go viral this week on a famous social media platform that showed a bored person on self-isolation using their sock to “eat” the cars going past his house! It’s fun and harmless!

5. Ping pong ball trick shots
It’s time to sharpen up on those ball skills and try and hit that tiny little ball into the most obscure places – from the bottom of the stairs and into a shoe on the 13th step? Hit. From the front door into the kitchen sink? Miss. From your bed into a pocket of a coat in your wardrobe. Hit. This one is loads of fun!

Imagine from Common Dreams

6. Toilet Roll Keepy-Uppies

You’ve seen the challenge on social media, now’s the time to see how many keepy-uppys you can do with a lonely toilet roll! They’re in short supply right now so make sure you make it a good one! This one will get your competitive streak flowing and your pulse rising! 

Remember, we are all in this forever! The world seems like a scary place right now but if we all lock down together, this will end quicker! It’s important to stay safe ourselves but also keep others (especially those that are vulnerable) safe. Do your bit, enjoy this weird limbo time and get ready for the best summer ever if we make it out in time!

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