Holiday Romances – Good or Bad?

Thursday, 31 July, 2014 by Just Singles

Flip flops and sun cream at the ready… the holiday season is upon us! And, if you’re single and sun seeking this year, a holiday romance could very well be on the cards. Far from the stresses of everyday life, a beautiful setting, long warm evenings and flowing wine – it’s all the ingredients you […]


5 Film Characters Who Would Make Great Girlfriends

Wednesday, 30 July, 2014 by Just Singles

Don’t worry chaps, we haven’t forgotten about you! The lovely Rachel has put together her top 5 list of film characters that would make great girlfriends. Here we go… 1. Stifler’s Mom (American Pie) She’s sexy, mysterious and confident. Don’t worry about looking after her, she’s independent and has her own money. Although she’s thought […]


5 Film Characters Who Would Make Great Boyfriends

Monday, 28 July, 2014 by Just Singles

Ah, fictional boys. They’re romantic, spontaneous, and fond of grand romantic gestures. Today on the blog, Email Marketing Executive Rachel talks us through her top 5 fictional boyfriends… 1. Sam Wheat (Ghost) Sam is a pretty normal boyfriend when he’s alive (normal is the most important quality on my list). But when he’s given the option of […]


Private Messages: Should You Reply To Them All?

Friday, 25 July, 2014 by Just Singles

The good news is your online dating profile is proving popular and the private messages have started to flood in. Lucky you! But, you’ve found yourself asking, “should I be replying to every message I receive?” Lots of online daters believe that you should reply to every message, even if it is just a “thanks, […]


Single Ladies – Bella Magazine Want You!

Thursday, 24 July, 2014 by Just Singles

7 First Dates To Avoid

Thursday, 24 July, 2014 by Just Singles

With first dates all about getting to know each other, wise decisions about your first date activity are vital. From deciding what to wear through to finding things to talk about, the first date can not only be difficult but can also carry a huge potential for awkwardness. The last thing you want to do […]


Will Beyonce and Jay Z Split? Tell Us What YOU Think!

Wednesday, 23 July, 2014 by Just Singles

Everyone’s talking about it. Are one of the world’s most powerful couples about to part ways? We want to know what YOU think! Will Beyonce and Jay Z split at the end of their On The Run tour? Yes, it’s SO obvious! No way, they’re made for each other! I don’t really care either way. […]


3 Dates 3 Months – Lessons Learnt

Monday, 14 July, 2014 by Just Singles

The very lovely Amy Marie, otherwise known as Cocktails in Teacups reflects on her experiences with the Just Singles 3 Dates 3 Months Challenge in her latest post… Back in February I agreed to take part in Just Singles #3dates3mths, and here I am finally at the end of my challenge. And ho hum, I’m still […]


3 Reasons Single Girls Should Love The World Cup

Wednesday, 2 July, 2014 by Just Singles

For most attached women out there the World Cup will be met with a big sigh: months of being a football widow, cleaning up nachos off the floor after a world cup party, and not being able to listen to Capital FM in their car. For the single lady though the World Cup has to […]