Nothing Good on TV? Try Our Active Date Ideas

“Come over and we’ll watch some TV or something…” Sound familiar? It’s easy to fall into a dating rut in a long-term relationship, or take the easy way out when planning dates in the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there’s nothing better than an evening spent watching a Catfish marathon, or having a Game of Thrones box-set night – and we’re busy for the foreseeable Wednesdays spending time with Mary Berry on the Great British Bake-Off – perfectly understandable.

But the time has come to take a stand against lazy dating, at least once a week to keep the spark alive. First dates should be memorable, and if you’re the one organizing , choose an active date and you’re already proving yourself to be interesting, adventurous and exciting. In the world of dating, these first impressions are vital, so make your first date count. Here are 6 active date ideas for inspiration, all realistic and affordable with a calorie-burning bonus.

1. Head to the beach

Being an island nation means we’re never too far from a beach. If you have one on your doorstep – perfect! You’re probably thinking a beach date isn’t the most original of date ideas. You’re wrong. Put a twist on your beach date. Invest in a metal detector for some geeky beach fun, or for the really adventurous – hire a pair of surfboards and hit the waves. It’s also a great opportunity to try and out-do each other with your running-along-the-beach-Baywatch-style impressions.


2. Go hiking

Get out and see those places you’ve been watching in documentaries! Having a conversation is hard work when you’re watching a show, there’s nothing more irritating than someone talking about their day when you’re just about to find out who the killer is in Midsomer Murders. That’s why a long walk is a great idea, it allows space and time to chat. Being in a new environment is perfect for first dates as you always have something to point at and talk about. You can say goodbye to those awkward silences!


3. Hit the gym

I’m only suggesting this for you long-termers. A gym date is never a good idea in the beginning. Whether you’re fitness fanatics or just starting out, going to the gym is always more fun when you go with someone. You could act as each others mentors and create your own boot-camp for two. It’s the perfect place to inspire some healthy competition between you and exercising releases endorphins, making you feel happier than watching Bargain Hunt ever could.


4. Watch a sporting event

And no before you ask, not on Match of the Day – go to the stadium! Whether it’s Tennis, Football, Rugby or Darts, watching live sport outside gives you the boost of soaking up the atmosphere of the crowd. Even if neither of you know a lot about the sport you are watching – what a great talking point! Cheer or jeer your team in person (depending on how good they’re doing).


5. Attend a pub quiz

The second easiest dating rut you can fall into – a drink down your local. Why not make the date more interesting by giving your brains a work-out. Put all that quiz-show knowledge to good use by taking part in a pub quiz. Even if you’re not a whiz at general knowledge, you still get to choose a hilarious team name and if you’re lucky you may even win a runner-up prize. Who knows, you may discover your date has hidden interests…


6. Dance the night away

A perfect opportunity to try out some moves you’ve seen from the celebs on Strictly. You could both join a class, or just turn up at a Salsa club and freestyle. Even if you’ve got two left feet, dancing brings you closer together, quite literally! This is a great way to be more hands-on and really let yourself go. If your date wants to see you again after they’ve seen your dancing, it must be love!


If you’ve got any great active date ideas of your own that we’ve missed – we’d love to hear your comments!

So no more excuses, get off the sofa and put more adventure into your love-life! Especially if there’s nothing good on TV.


Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.


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