Real, genuine dating site advice

Welcome to the Just Singles blog – a hub for all things dating, lockdown ideas, tips and advice! We try to help singles find amazing people to connect, chat and match with online and we love what we do! Today’s new blog post is all about finding real, genuine singles to date using Just Singles!

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The basics
Let’s talk online dating, for a second. Chances are, you’re visiting this blog today because you are looking to find new relationships and love in one way or another. That’s great, we’re here to help you find real, genuine connections online for your next love journey!

The basics of online dating start with you – you need to be as genuine and real as possible! If you are looking for something serious, something real and something with substance, the honesty must come from you!

There is no point in creating an online dating relationship and catching feelings if the entire thing was based on your own false persona or an exaggerated version of yourself. Genuine dating comes from you being genuine right off the bat!

Just Singles is a subscription-based dating service. Here at Just Singles HQ, we do all of the leg work and science to make your matches work – all you need to do is sign up and join!

As a member of Just Singles, you’ll be able to create a profile, add photos, search and send an introductory message.

We work on a subscription-based service because we want to do all that we can behind the scenes to ensure that your dating experience is fun – but, most importantly, authentic!

In all of our years of working in online dating (we’ve been around for a while – you can find more about us here) we have found that having the subscription-based service has helped to deter time wasters and fake daters from getting to people like you!

Paying for dating means that we are working on the safety of your journey, we are here at every turn and road of your dating fun and we can always be counted on for advice, tips and support!

This means that the dating service with Just Singles is authentic! More authentic than, let’s say, some other free dating apps!

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Genuine Connections
Sincere and real connections are happening right now – on JustSingles! We have many singles who come to our site looking for laughter, friendships and happily ever after! Our members are vibrant, fun and ranging all ages, demographics and ethnicities across the UK.

We also have Just Singles sites available across the world!

Genuine connections can be made with Just Singles easily if you’re looking for them! We’ve got members from all over the UK that are searching for all of the fun that comes with dating!

Lots of our members are real people from many different walks of life looking to find someone who will give them butterflies! We all want to feel special, we all want to feel like the only person in the room! Many of our members are using Just Singles to make real connections and find love!

So, if you’re looking to find real, genuine connections in a safe online space, it’s time for you to join Just Singles!