Date Ideas For: Theatre Fans

Date Ideas For Theatre Fans

To date or not date? This will no longer be the question with these date ideas for fans of the theatre…

Date Night Ideas!

Let’s get one of the obvious date ideas out the way first of all. If your love interest loves the theatre – go and see a show! It doesn’t have to be the latest all-singing, all-dancing musical, sometimes a local production can be just as fun, (and a more intimate date venue.) You’ll be tapping your feet and humming the show tunes right into the after show dinner and drinks!

An Example Date Idea: Mary Poppins

Date A Drama Queen?

Speaking of local productions, how about signing up together to be in one? You don’t have to take centre stage, but there are plenty of local groups looking for people to help out, so use your skills to your advantage! Learn lines together or help out with the scenery. There’s nothing amateur about this idea…

An Example Of Local Theatre


If you both share a favourite movie, how about taking it home with you? Many movie scripts can be downloaded online, so find your favourite scene and act it out yourselves. This could be a romantic moment from your favourite soppy movie or just based on your two favourite movie characters. It’s a great way to show off your imagination. Create your own special effects and try out some of your acting skills!

Act Out Your Favourite Scene

The Write Date Ideas

Why not have a go writing a few scenes yourself? Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone exactly how you feel, so write a play starring you both. You’ll be a hit! You could do this as a monologue one-man show, or get them involved as a secondary character. It’s really up to you!

An example of how dramatic you can be as a date idea

The curtains about to go up on your love story, so break a leg! Plus, don’t forget to add Theatre as one of your Interests, so fellow fans can find you!