How To Walk The Walk On A First Date

So now you know how to talk the talk on a first date, but it’s also about the way you move. Bad body language can make or break a date. You know that feeling you get from someone when you just feel they’re not that into you, you can’t put your finger on why, but there’s just something about them that seemed a bit off? That’s your subconscious picking up on negative signals. Don’t be that person that never gets a second date. We’ll show you how to move, walk this way…

1. Eating and drinking

Mouth needs to be shut when chewing. Cannot stress this enough. If you eat quicker when you’re stressed, make sure you remember to slow down, and allow time to chat in-between mouthfuls, never during. Also stealing food off your date’s plate – don’t even think about it!


2. Sit still

Fidgeting is a way to release nervous energy. It’s understandable to be nervous on a first date, but try not to show it. Fidgeting and shifting around it in your seat gives off a sure sign that you are uncomfortable with the situation. Try to sit still and you’ll instantly be more relaxed.

3. Eye contact

When you’re talking, look at your date. Sounds simple but it isn’t always. Not only has it been a proven way to make a deeper connection, but you look more sincere. If your eyes are roaming everywhere but your dates direction you will look like your mind is on other things.

4. Open posture

You’ve spent your whole dating profile describing how easy-going you are, now’s the time to show it! Relax your arms and legs. Don’t cross those arms – this acts like a barrier between you.

5. Face your date

Sounds obvious but we tend to move our bodies away from others if we feel uncomfortable. It’s your bodies way of preparing itself to run away from the situation. Facing them shows that you are interested and determined to get to a second date.

6. No mobile phones

Unless you’re a doctor on call, in which case go ahead. In all other cases, put it away! Texting or reading your messages on a date shows the person you have other priorities other than them, and if this is true, why are you even dating? If you are desperate to text your friend about the state of their shoes, that’s what a toilet break is for…


7. Toilet time

Send that text, straighten up, reapply make-up – but be quick about it. The longer you are, the more time your date has to wonder if you’ve done a runner, which may tempt them to do the same.

8. Coughing and sneezing

It’s cold season, so this may be unavoidable. It’s better to postpone until you can actually breath out of your nose or say two sentences without coughing.

9. Smile!

And your date smiles with you. Be that happy, outgoing and friendly person you said you were in your profile.


10. Laugh

Laugh at all their jokes, even if they’re not that funny or you don’t get them. Awkward silence is sort of a passion-killer…

Follow these rules and you’ve got yourself a second date. Follow them on the second date and well, you see where we’re going with this. And remember, if you spot your date displaying these negative signs, now you know why.

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