How To Talk The Talk On A First Date

You’ve made it through all the winking and messaging and now, in the words of Paddy McGuiness – “Finally got yourself a date!” Congrats! This is great news, but this is only the beginning. You’ve now got to charm your way into a second, and third and so on. Here’s what not to say when you’re on a first date, the dialogue don’ts of Dating…

1. No one loves the way you lie.

Don’t exaggerate or lie about anything. Sometimes it’s so tempting to have a better job and a bigger house, but it will catch up with you and it will be totes awk.


2. Papa don’t preach…

Don’t be all preachy. Yes you have strong views, and yes we need to save the bees and cycle everywhere, but leave these opinions out of your first impression.

3. We don’t approve this message.

Don’t make inappropriate jokes. You know the ones I mean…

4. Agree to diasagree.

Don’t be too stubborn with your opinions. If your date disagrees with you, embrace this and maybe you might just leave with a different point of view, or another date lined up.

5. Hungry eyes.

Don’t let your eyes wander over to more attractive people, focus on your date, at least until the dates over.


6. Me myself and I.

Don’t be all about you. Ask open questions about them and look interested, lots of nodding…

7. Shout out to my ex.

Don’t pry into their personal life, leave all the dramatic stuff for later. Obsess and stalk their ex on social media another time.

8.You’re so vain…

Don’t show off to the impress your date, it will end up being too much and you’ll have to keep this up if you actually get a second date. Exhausting!

9. Bad romance.

Don’t reveal your dark side. If you have flaws hide them for now.


10. Work, work, work, work, work.

Don’t focus on one area of your life, try to balance out your conversations.

Follow these rules and you’ll be talking the talk of love in no time. Next week it’s all about walking the walk – yes it’ll be loads of body language tips and advice to put with all your amazing ways of talking.

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