Date Ideas For: Rainy Days

Rainy days 2

If you live in the UK, you’ll be familiar with this one. When the heavens open – doors to many dating venues close. That romantic walk in the park? Flooded out and boggy. Ponchos and wellies are great, but is the drowned-rat-look really the look you want to have when you gaze into the eyes of ‘the one’ for the first time? Help is at hand, we’ve put together 5 date ideas for those days when you just don’t want to leave the house.

1.  Let the tournaments begin!

Compete in a gaming tournament. Men will be big fans of this one. Women, on the whole not so much, but rainy days are a great opportunity to try something new and let out your competitive side. If one of you or both of you are gamers, you’ll need no advice from us what to play. If you have a Wii, this is a great way to keep fit without leaving the comfort of your home. If computer games aren’t your thing, and you don’t have access to an Xbox or Playstation, play more traditional games together: Monopoly, Kerplunk or for the more adventurous (and flexible) Twister.

2. Take a trip (down memory lane)

Get together and laugh at old photos of yourselves. Looking back at old photos of when you had a perm and wore those flares is always going to be hilarious- but it’s also a great way of getting to know your date! You’ll find out things and hear stories from their past that you never would have heard otherwise.

3. Watch Singing in the Rain

Or an old film. Have a Netflix and chill day. Not sure if your date is much of a TV box set fan? You can find a list of symptoms of TV series addiction in our blog. Catch up on the latest TV series you are watching, or start another one together. If it’s a full-on rain storm outside, you may be stuck inside for some time. If this is the case maybe a movie marathon, your favourite movie vs theirs.

4. Come Dine With Me

Take inspiration from the hit Channel 4 show and cook together. Put all your rainy day food provisions together and make meals from scratch. This will motivate you to cook more, and is also a great idea if you are dating whilst dieting. Read our diet date blog for more ideas.

5. Get your wellies on!

You can both stand under one umber-ella-ella-ella-eh… I’m sorry, we couldn’t write a post about rainy days without at least one Rihanna reference. But she’s right, go outside and embrace the weather. Run through puddles and take drenched selfies together. Do those indoor activities you are always meaning to do but never get round to- like bowling, ice-skating or the cinema.

There you have it, don’t take a rain-check on that date you’ve got planned just because it’s raining (for a change), embrace it! The weather is perfect for cosy dates inside, and when the sun shines we’ll shine together… (last one I promise).

What kind of dates would you like to go on when it rains? Let us know – in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #JustSinglesDates. We’d also love to hear some of your date ideas for rainy days and whether they were a success.

Until next time,
The Just Singles Team