10 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re Dating Someone Who Loves Box Sets

From Mad Men to The Walking Dead, people have become obsessed with watching TV box sets. The rise of Netflix & Chill has meant couples everywhere are embracing the box set into their relationship. So we’re bringing you 10 things you’ll definitely recognise if you’re dating a Netflix Addict.

 You’re regularly ignored in favour of Game of Thrones/American Horror Story/Breaking Bad.

Rejection Kiss

‘Date Night’ consists of arguing over which Netflix series to watch – they’re already mid-way through season 3 of House of Cards but you’re only on season 1.

 Wanna Fight?

The worst thing you could possibly say to them is what happens at the end of a series they’re watching.

  Guilty As Charged

You spend an evening scrolling through Netflix, only to run out of time and not actually watch anything.

 TV Remote Anger

Your partner constantly refers to time by referencing box sets – “we’ve got 4 hours spare, so that’s 5 episodes of Orange Is The New Black”.

 Miss Piggie No GIF

Netflix & Chill is just that. You chill and they watch Netflix… No funny business interrupting the show here.

 Netflix No Chill GIF

Watching a few episodes of your current series without them could mean the end of your relationship.

Notebook somebody gets hurt GIF

Your partner is completely disorgansied in every other aspect of life, but they have a full on rota of shows to watch once their current series ends.

 'I really need help' Penny Big Bang GIF

You find yourself getting irrationally jealous of their favourite character – they talk about them wayyy more than they talk about you.

 Who Is She? Nicky BB

They quote lines from their favourite show to you. There’s only so many times you can stand to hear the words “You’ve been BAMBOOZLED” or “You’re my lobster”.

 Lalala Not Listening Friends GIF

But now that you’ve fallen into the Netflix hole with them, you wouldn’t have it any other way…

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The Just Singles Team