Date Ideas For: Museum Lovers

museum date ideas

Whether your date is super into space, a fish fanatic or nuts about natural history, everyone loves a museum! It’s easy to just suggest a museum date, but 2020 is the time to step it up and make things personal. Here are 3 great date ideas for the ultimate museum lover…

Expedition Possible

It’s not enough to just know that the person you are dating is a fan of something, it pays to do your research into the subject too. So if you happen to hear that their favourite historian is doing a talk on Roman footwear or there’s an expedition opening featuring their top terrapin, book it and you’ll look like you’ve really taken an interest in their interests!

museum date ideas: exhibitions

Night At The Museum

If Ben Stiller has taught us anything, it’s that fun things happen at museums after dark. The movie has actually caused quite a craze, with many museums hosting late night entry, silent discos and occasionally even an overnight sleepover. It’s worth checking out what kind of extra curricular activities are happening near you. Who says museums need to be silent?!

museum date ideas

Tour Guide

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a specialised museum right on their doorstep ready for dating opportunities, but have no fear, you can create your own. Become your own tour guide, choose a destination and tell your story. The fun thing about this is it could be anywhere about anything, you just need to imagination and knowledge to pull it off!

museum date ideas

So make an exhibition of yourself and start planning some educational museum date ideas of your own with a twist…