Which Interests Are Most Attractive?


Have you ever thought about how attractive your interests are making you? A recent survey has revealed which hobbies make you the most attractive. How many have you listed? And could this have an impact on your success rate?

A recent survey revealed the top ten most attractive pastimes for members of dating sites to list. Here are the top ten interests:

Women found Men most attractive when they were interested in:

  1. Traveling
  2. Keep Fit
  3. Theatre
  4. Dancing
  5. Cooking
  6. The Outdoors
  7. The Arts
  8. Animals
  9. DIY/Crafts
  10. Watching Sport

So women are in a nutshell looking for mainly a well-traveled man, who likes to keep fit and attend the theatre. Being a good dancer and cook is a great bonus too! If you’re a man, be sure to mention all your favourite places and favourite theatre shows in your personal profile. As for keeping fit, try to write about how you like to do that – here’s a hint – rugby players came off as the most attractive in the survey… Just saying.

Men found Women most attractive when they were interested in:

  1.  Keep Fit
  2. The Arts
  3. Traveling
  4. DIY/Crafts
  5. Dancing
  6. The Outdoors
  7. Cooking
  8. Reading
  9. Music
  10. Movies

Men are clearly looking for a more traditional practical women, who is intelligent and likes to keep in shape. The Arts are very broad, but when asked what they meant by an interest in this field, most men liked photographers and creative women. Well-traveled women also do well, so there will be no shortage of travel partners on the site! Here’s a hint, women with an interest in football came out as clear winners in the poll, so if you have a favourite team, shout about them!

As for least attractive hobbies, well…

Women may love a theatre going man, but if you’re a theatre going woman forget it. Women who list ‘making a difference’ as a thing they did also were seen unfavorably.

As for men who say they like spending time with friends, they may be single for longer, as they appeared to be less desirable to women. As for women, saying they loved being sociable worked in their favour… Weird.

What does your profile say about you? Have a read through and see how many of these pastimes you have listed, and how many you can now slyly add…

Until next time,

The Just  Singles Team