Why Dating Sites Are Better Than Apps

Dating apps are on the rise. For a while they seemed to be the new way to date, but recently things have begun to change. People are heading back to dating sites and we think we know why…

A Load Of Swipe

The big draw of dating apps was mainly due to your ability to swipe through members. With the swiping method, judging people on their looks alone takes no more than a few seconds. You could easily get through dozens of singles in a matter of minutes, waiting for one to catch your eye. This suited the current ‘throwaway generation’, who are always in a rush and are constantly searching for the next best thing. A lot of them were free to purchase and easy to download. They were incredibly convenient.


Nowadays however, dating apps seem to be losing their edge. Yes they are less time-consuming than most dating sites, but surely making connections and finding the one are worth spending the time on? People are starting to realise that it takes more than a split-second decision when it comes to finding love. The ease of joining an app, which was once seen as a bonus has lead to a community of singles who don’t really care. This form of dating attracted the lazy, the unsure and the shady characters of the dating world. Don’t get us wrong, these types of daters are everywhere, but they are much more common on apps where it merely takes a swipe to connect.

Site Club

What are the advantages of joining a dating site over an app? Firstly, it encourages the a different type of person. If you want to meet a single who is serious, motivated and proactive about finding the right one for them, you’re more likely to find them on a dating site. This is because joining a dating site takes longer than an app. There are more things to fill out about yourself. It takes more than a swipe of a finger to make a connection – conversation is key. The bottom line is, if you’re dedicated to making a deep, lasting connection with someone, you’ll find more like-minded singles on a dating site.  It takes a bit more effort, but it is worth it.

So don’t lose yourself in the woes of the throwaway generation and stop swiping away your chances of finding love. Take dating seriously and it will pay off in the end!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team