When To Give Up On Being A Single Girl

Single life is awesome.

What is not to love about being able to veg in your sweatpants, go out with your girlies, and sing along to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’?

So when you meet a guy (you know, one of those hairy, useful, at times loveable beings) you better make sure he’s a keeper before you hang up your single girl dancing shoes.

Here are 3 signs that he’s a keeper:

1. He sticks to his word

Sometimes a chiseled jaw can go a long way to make us forget what we want. No matter how sexy he is, if he cancels last minute, re-arranges your date or turns up so late it might as well be tomorrow don’t tolerate it.

Of course tubes get delayed, last minute work commitments come in and priorities can be tough to juggle. However, if a guy wants to see you, he will. It’s that simple.

If in the early stages (when, hello he’s supposed to be wooing you!) he’s being a bit rubbish, you can bet this is not going to get better. Now you can live with it, but you maybe a lot happier with a guy who chooses from date one to put you first.

2. He mentions you to his mates

Don’t get bummed out if your guy suggests a group date; if he wants you to meet his friendship group he’s thinking longer term with you in his life.

So if his mate gives him a ring and he dodges saying who he’s with, or if he skims over an introduction when he bumps into a friend warning bells should ring.

It’s the guy who mentions you to his mum, talks positively about how much his kid sister will ‘love’ you, and suggests you head to his best mate’s house party that’s a clear winner for long term love.

 3. He plans long term

Don’t get me wrong spontaneity can be FUN especially when it comes to dating. But do you really always want to be some guys last minute Tuesday night hang? Thought not.

If he’s cracking the diary open, casually mentioning a friend’s birthday 2 months away and is locking out his weekends for you you’ve got a guy who sees the potential for your relationship.

So before you clear room for him in your busy schedule make sure he’s bumping you up his priority list.

Because it’s not that anyone’s perfect; but they have to start out thinking you are.

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