“We Both Know That One Day We Will Marry…”

Time for another wonderful success story. David and Valerie met on Just Christian Dating. This is their story…

Here is a photo of Valerie and I together, taken on Arnside Pier. I have felt for some time God was telling me that I would meet a lady who would become my wife. After a false alarm, and a previous spell with another dating agency, I joined Just Christian Dating in June. At first, I wondered if this was from God or my own feelings as nothing happened during the first 10 days or so. Then I took the plunge and sent an icebreaker to the system. A lot of ladies now sent messages to me, and buried in the system was one from Valerie from Morecambe. I had to wade through literally hundreds of messages before I found the one from her. She had only come on to the site briefly on a free access during a football match. I felt God telling me that this was a lady who I should seek out. I sent her a message, then I continued to wade through numerous Just Christian Dating messages and other emails until I came upon another one from Valerie, who felt I was not responding to another one she had sent. Somehow that had got lost in my pile of emails. I was very apologetic when I found it and told her I wasn’t ignoring her. I gave her my phone number to show I wasn’t ignoring her, and she rang back the following day. We found we had a lot of things in common and I said I would go to Morecambe the following Tuesday to meet her and I would take her for a walk to Heysham. We met near the Battery in Morecambe and as soon as I saw this tiny lady I knew that she was God’s choice for me. My heart jumped. We walked to Heysham and visited the old graves on the headland. I managed to overbalance and had to grab her to stop her from falling into one of the graves! We walked back and I visited her elderly mother in the flat which they share. She agreed to meet me the following Monday in Arnside and we had a lovely time. The lady manager of the flats where I live holds an exercise class on Monday afternoons and Valerie joined in and enjoyed it. We both now knew that we were right for each other. Since then I have visited her in Morecambe several times and we have fallen in love. We both know that one day we will marry. Praise the Lord for giving me Valerie, the love of my life, David.”

Congratulations to David and Valerie, we wish you all the best for the future!