“I Loved Sue’s Smile!”

This month we bring you an exclusive interview with this month’s loveliest new couple, brought together by JustSingles!

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“Our names are Sue and Chris, and we are happy to share our story with you. Especially now since we are in a very content and exciting relationship!

Who first contacted who? 

Chris: Sue contacted me first via a wink, to which I responded and sent her a message.

What first attracted you to each other?

Sue: We have a very similar sense of humour, morals and family set-up.

Chris: I love Sue`s smile! And her positive attitude, she’s so ‘onwards and upwards’!

Where was your first date?

Sue: We met at a local pub, a few miles away. Luckily we don’t live too far apart.

Chris: We had our first kiss that evening in the car park as we said goodnight.

What dates have you been on since?

Sue: In the space of nearly three months since we’ve met, we have seen each other on average every other day. It`s been a whirlwind beginning, but we’re very lucky to be able to see each other so often, as we only live a short distance apart.

Do you have any funny stories about each other?

Chris: Yes, our fathers used to work together! Also I briefly worked with Sue`s father some 25 years ago. We actually used to live within half a mile of each other as teenagers.

Sue: We’ve also made some new words for the English dictionary! We both find making up our own words hilarious! And we`re terrible at taking selfies! LOL!

What are your hopes and plans for the future? 

Sue: We have a very bright future. Our thoughts about many things in life are very similar. We thoroughly enjoy each other`s company and have already planned a weekend away and are looking at holidays for the summer.”

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