How To: Use Dating Abbreviations

When personal ads were a thing, abbreviations were very popular in dating. This was mainly down to the lack of words people had to advertise themselves. However a lot of them are still used today, so it’s handy to be in the know before you meet F2F… (Face to face!)

AKA – Also known as. A great way to describe yourself in a fun way. “My name is Rich, AKA the bearded biker.”

BBW – Big beautiful woman. A nice phrase to describe your fuller figure. “I’m a sassy, independent BBW.”

DTE – Down-to-earth.

FYI – For your information.  A way to point something out. “FYI, I love tacos too!”

GSOH – Good sense of humour. You’re too funny to have time to write all these words. “Looking for someone with a GSOH.”

IRL – In real life. Use this to talk about the world off the site. “I can’t wait to meet you IRL!”

ISO – In search of. Tell people who you’re looking for. “BBW ISO a George Clooney lookalike.”

LDR – Long-distance relationship. “So you live in Scotland? I could handle a LDR!”

SGL – Single. “I’ve been SGL for a year now.”

SI – Similar interests. “I think we’ve got SI!”

TLC – Tender loving care. Need some attention? “In need of some TLC.”

VBD – Very bad date. Let’s hope you don’t need to use this one. “That’s nothing! My friend had a VBD recently…”

YOLO – You only live once. “Let’s meet! YOLO”

Now you know the lingo, it’s time to start using it IRL to get yourself a bit of TLC!


The Just SGLs Team