Getting Out Of A Dating Rut

Dating Rut

If dating is no longer fun and exciting you may well be in, what is known in highly-technical-dating-terms as, a “Dating Rut”. Searching for love should never feel like a chore, but if you’ve had a series of bad dates, where you don’t seem to click with anyone, it’s easy to start feeling like you’re going to be alone forever. But don’t lose hope! With a few simple changes, you can and you will get out of your dating rut…

Banish negative thoughts
Obsessing over being single forever, or feeling like you don’t deserved to be loved never got anybody anywhere (and for the record, everyone deserves to be loved!). It’s time to ditch the negative thoughts. They may feel true right now, but thoughts like these actually get in the way of being open to new love, and that’s no way to start a happy relationship. Banish the negativities as soon as they pop into your head and start to replace them with healthy, positive thoughts. You are open to new love and you’re excited about what the future may hold! (Repeat as necessary).

Get confident
Happy dating starts with confidence. Dating is all about being yourself and getting to know new people, which is always going to be difficult if you’ve got no confidence. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved, make a list of all the things that make you great, then get out there and let your confidence shine! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little self lovin’!

Change your tactics
Maybe you’ve only ever dated a certain “type,” or you’ve always used the same dating methods; so step out of your comfort zone and mix things up. Start considering people you wouldn’t have considered before – you could have been missing out on matches you didn’t even know existed! And finally, change the way you look for love; try a new website, join a club, even try speed dating if you can handle the pace! Freshen things up, get a new perspective and just put the fun back into dating!

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