Date Ideas For: Thrill-seekers!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a romantic dinner date or long walk, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a little. Occasionally we long for a date that’s outside of the dating box. We have picked a few date ideas that we think are perfect for when you are getting to know someone. (Just make sure to check that your date is a thrill-seeker too!)


 Balloon ride


OK so not the fastest mode of transport but very romantic and very very high up. Provided your date doesn’t suffer from a crippling fear of heights, this thrilling adventure is perfect for perusing the sights around you and spending quality time together.


Upgrade Idea: Take some champagne and a romantic lunch to really sweep them off their feet.


Zip wire


Zip wiring is a great and enthralling experience, with locations all over the UK. Treat your date to a zip wire encounter to remember.


Upgrade Idea: Some places offer wires side by side or as a swing style set up so you can brave the flights together!


Go karting


Maybe you and your date like to be competitive. Why not take them go karting for the afternoon and have yourselves a love fuelled race! Be part of the same team or go one on one and drive your way to a date they won’t forget.


Upgrade Idea: If you’re feeling really romantic, maybe let your partner win…


Helicopter ride


Another sky high escapade but one that promises great views and a little more speed. Buckle up for a ride in the sky that will really wow your partner.


Upgrade Idea: Make your helicopter ride somewhere with impressive landscape like London or at a romantic time like sunset.




This new thrill-seekers favourite involves climbing into a giant inflatable ball and rolling downhill at speed. You can choose to travel separately or share a ball.


Upgrade Idea: Why not go hydro zorbing for added hilarity.  


Indoor skydiving


If you’re not comfortable with throwing yourself out of an aeroplane, you can always visit an indoor skydiving center instead. You get all of the thrill without the plane ride and dizzying visuals.

Upgrade Idea: Why not make it a shared experience and both dive together in the same session.


Indoor or dry slope skiing


If you love skiing, then indoor skiing or dry slope skiing is a close second.

You get the same thrill of the speedy descent without the expensive flights and accommodation required.  


Upgrade Idea: Maybe help teach them a new skill like snowboarding to get a little closer.


Driving experience


Who doesn’t love fast cars!? Invite your date to a driving experience day to really get the adrenaline going. Whatever the vehicles you choose, you are bound to be a racing hero in your date’s eyes.


Upgrade Idea: Find out their favourite car beforehand and surprise them with a drive.




There are many roller-coasters in different locations nationally. There is bound to be one near you or your partner. Why not invite them for a day of ultimate adrenaline.


Upgrade Idea: Get fast track tickets to save awkward queuing  and allow more time for fun! 


Whatever you choose, enjoy!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team