Date Ideas For: Night Owls

night owls

More of a night owl? Use this to your dating advantage! Moonlit dates are the most romantic, especially in the summer. Here’s how t’woo your date…

1. Night At The Museum

It’s not just a movie any more, it’s an actual thing! Museums across the country have started to open their doors to the public late at night. Some, like the Natural History Museum allow you to stay the night and sleep among the dinosaurs. You’ll have a roaring time!

2. Dancing In The Moonlight

Become inspired by La La Land and dance in the moonlight! Or just go for late night moonlit picnic under the stars. Make sure you choose the right night for it, cos no one likes a rainy picnic.


3. The Rhythm Of The Night

Go on late night bar crawl, but make sure you end up in a Karaoke bar. If you’re no Ed Sheeren – who cares?! By 1am no one will even be sober enough to notice you rocking out to ‘I Will Survive’. That’s the beauty of night dates.

4. Take Bat!

Immerse yourselves into the nocturnal world and go bat watching. Caves and popular bat hangouts are organizing events around the country. Find your local Bat Group and arrange a late night date. Why wait until Halloween to embrace your inner vampire?

5. All Night Long

If you don’t have time to plan an elaborate nighttime rendez vous, how about an early hours meal at a local 24 hour fast food outlet or service station. Sit back and watch the weird and wonderful people who only come out at night, (mostly truck drivers).

So there you are, there’s no excuse not to date once the sun’s gone down.

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team