Date Ideas For: History Lovers

Dating someone who is sooo yesterday? We’re not being rude, we’re talking history lovers. Try out our date suggestions for fans of the past and your single life will be ancient history…

1. Night At The Museum

Many local museums are hosting adult only events after hours with food and drink included. Invite your date to party the night away with the dinosaurs and all awkward silences will become extinct!

2. Meet The Great, Great, Great Grandparents

Discover history that’s a bit closer to home and research your ancestries together. Laugh over old family photos and learn more about each other and your family trees…

3. Love Re-enactually

Join a local re-enactment group together. Dress up and take part recreating an important moment in history and you’re sure to be together for middle ages!

4. It’s A Classic

Pick some old films and have a old-fashioned movie marathon!

Try these dates and you’ll go down in history as an epic love story!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team