3 Ways To Make Your Online Dating Profile Pop

The Chosen One

So you like going out for a few, and staying in with a bottle of rose… well then congratulations! You officially sound like every other online dater ever.

Big problem.

If you don’t stand out you won’t get dates: it’s that simple.

As a dating expert I’ve seen literally hundreds of profiles and the first thing I take a hatchet too is lack of individuality. Dating success isn’t about blending in: it’s about standing out.

Use these 3 quick tips tomorrow to make sure you stand out in the crowd.

1. Say something you hate

Yep. No one wants Mary Poppins as a date. If you’re not confident enough to say that you think Britain’s Got Talent is a load of rubbish, that you think David Cameron needs a haircut or that avocados make you squirm then you need to get a backbone. Dating is not an exam to pass or fail, it’s about personalities. Start turning up the volume on yours to get more dates.

2. Dodge clichés

You want to make up a cover story for how you met online. You like travelling. You’re not quite sure what to write on here. Heard any of these before? Then don’t use them! Even changing up your phrasing to something more original will make it easier for the person reading your profile to hear your ‘voice’ and imagine being on a date with you.

3. Give specifics

Now we’ve established that everyone ever has gone travelling, how do you go about mentioning a passion of yours without sounding like every Tom, Dick and Harry? The trick is to get specific. Instead of saying you like travelling, I want you to imagine you’re holding a snapshot of your best holiday memory then describe the photo. This specific detail helps a person to relate more easily to you and distinguish you from everyone else. So don’t say how you went travelling in South America, tell them that the bit you loved the most was dancing at midnight at the Copacabana. You may fear standing out in the crowd, as you don’t want to put people off: but remember you don’t want to change who you are, so you need to attract compatible partners.

Give people something to fall in love with (or become repulsed by) and you’ll be a million steps closer to finding the partner of your dreams than Mr./Mrs. Average.

To get you closer to meeting someone awesome rather than snooze-worthy check out my dating blog.

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Hayley is the UK’s leading female dating expert, working with huge brands such as Channel 4, Cosmopolitan, FHM and the Independent. To find out more, check out HayleyQuinn.com or follow her on Twitter @HayleyQuinn.