3 Dates 3 Months – Mr. Reasonable


The lovely Lisa is back, twins in tow, for part two of her 3 Dates 3 Months Challenge. If you missed the first post from Twins Tiaras and Tantrums (the one where she went to Dublin!) click here to have a read.  After being struck down by illness, Lisa’s back! Let’s find out what she’s been up to for her second challenge…


March was a terrible month of illness for me and the girls, but thankfully, we are on the mend now and looking forward to the lighter nights and better weather. However, one of the biggest write offs last month was my Just Singles #3dates3mths challenge. I had bought a single friend and myself tickets to the Fast Show at Santa Pod. Unfortunately, both of us were so ill on the day we were unable to attend.

This left me in a bit of a predicament…

My next post was due and I had no other ideas to hand. My brain had been so fuddled with flu for two weeks, that I was left wondering what, or where, exactly my new challenge should take me. I must admit just thinking of getting out of bed at that point would have been an issue, never mind getting myself up, dressed and looking presentable.

The lovely people at Just Singles have been very patient and super helpful, sending me supportive tweets and encouraging me to get better. Then last week, they had a brain wave! It was national museum week; maybe I could take a look around my local museum, the one I had been meaning to go to ever since I moved here in 1996 and not yet got around to.

I love history and we are lucky enough to live in an historical roman town, where there has been plenty of archaeological finds over the years. My only problem was that I would have to take the kids with me… Not the best tactic for finding a man, but I was getting desperate (for a post, not a man, just for the record).

The museum itself was very small and I wasn’t overly convinced that I would find the man of my dreams in there… I have been known to like my men young, but the two spotty teenagers that were on the front desk, were going to push even my limits! So we headed upstairs and into a little room with a video playing out the battle of Boudicca to two elderly women and a manikin of a roman warrior…

Not much chance of swapping numbers with either, but I did quite like the Romans natural waxy complexion and short skirt.

The next room was void of all humans until we arrived, but it did have a very funky dressing up chest in the corner. The girls loved this and tried on every outfit from goddess to warrior! They had some mock sword fights; much to the annoyance of the oldies trying to watch the Boudicca massacre. However, I like to think that the clashing of swords in the next room, may have added a certain realistic element to their experience.

As we headed down stairs, I hit the jackpot! There in front of me was a reasonably good-looking male, of a decent sort of age (above 30 and below 50) wandering around the shop. I made eye contact and smiled, then out of the corner of my eye I caught the girls about to knock over a display of perfectly placed local produce.

By the time I had averted the perfect produce disaster, Mr Reasonable had left the building and the moment was lost forever…

Lesson learned, you cannot hunt for Mr Right with two under fives in tow! It’s just not practical.

And so the challenge continues! To read more from Lisa, check out her blog Twins Tiaras and Tantrums. You’ll also find her on Twitter, go say hello! 

Until next time, 

The Just Singles Team.