2015: The Year Of YES


If you still haven’t made any New Years resolutions this January, we’ve got an idea for you. Make 2015 your YES YEAR!

Definition: A period of 365 days, divided into 12 months, during which one employs a positive mental attitude, engages fully in every opportunity that presents itself and typically says “yes” more than they say “no”.

Example: “I really like your profile. Would you like to go for a drink sometime?”
– “YES. I would love to.”

Origin: Just Singles HQ, England.

If you’ve never been much of a risk taker, this is the year to become one. Try thinking about ways you could be more spontaneous and make more of the opportunities that you may have previously avoided. Take a chance and go on that date that you weren’t sure about before. Or, when your friend calls to get you off the sofa and out for a few drinks on a Saturday night, get those glad rags on and get out there! This is about grabbing life with both hands and seizing every opportunity it throws your way!

When you’re online dating, try considering people that you may not have considered previously. It’s inevitable that you’ll receive messages from people that you don’t instantly consider to be “your type,” but try not rule them out too soon. Their first message may not give much away, but remember that there could be much more to this person than first meets the eye. Take the risk, give them a chance and you may even surprise yourself with the outcome!

Those people/dates you weren’t sure about or those nights you chose to stay in on the sofa (in PJs with a litre of ice cream for one) were probably easy and comfortable options at the time; but did anything come from them?

Just by taking more risks and saying YES to the things that you wouldn’t have done last year, you’ll definitely have more fun, you’ll give yourself more chance of happiness and you may even discover a whole new side to yourself! You never know what or who could be waiting round the corner… if you just say yes.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.

About the author…


Emma is a Marketing Engagement Executive. She went to Bournemouth Arts University and has a degree in Fashion Studies. She has a love for vintage markets and enjoys nothing more than a weekend at a muddy music festival.