Your New Year Dating Resolutions


What’s your New Year’s resolution this year? Start going to the gym? Cut down on the drinking? Be more organised? At least pick something realistic! Here at Just Singles, we think 2015 should be all about you, why not make some promises to yourself that you’ll want to keep…

Upload a new photo
Nothing says ‘New Year, New Me’ like a new look. Keep your photos updated so that you’re always in the first few pages of the search tool – you’ll get lots more messages! Make sure you look cheerful in your pictures; a pout or straight face will give the impression that you’re boring or serious, and it can be quite intimidating!

Leave the past in the past
It’s a brand new year, who needs baggage? Leave all the bad bits from 2014 where they belong and start again with a fresh and positive outlook. Just think of all the hard times as lessons you had to learn and focus on all the great experiences that lay ahead!

Revamp your profile
Rewrite your profile a little bit to go with your new images and to make it relevant to the new and improved you. List clearly what you’re looking for but make sure you’re putting a positive spin on everything – who wants to give off a negative first impression? Putting effort into your profile text shows that you’re serious about your search.

Make a list
Think of all the bad dates you’ve been on and why they were so horrendous. Make a list of all your turn offs and make sure you never experience them again! Now make a list of 5 things you want in a prospective date. Once you start talking to people, make sure they have at least 3 of these qualities (you’ve got to compromise a little bit!) and you won’t be disappointed.

Send more messages
This year, you’re going to be more impulsive and make the first move! It’s time to get the ball rolling; more messages sent means more replies and a better chance of a date. Aim to send at least one new message a day, and if they don’t message you back? On to the next one…

Don’t settle
If you’re not feeling the love, move on. Life is too short to stick around when you know it’s not going to work out in the end. Decide what it is that you want from someone and make sure you stick to it; there’s nothing wrong with being picky!

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The Just Singles Team.

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