You know it’s time to make excuses when…

We’ve all been there. You’re on a first, maybe second, date when they say something that completely puts you off. Something that makes you want to climb out the bathroom window or pretend your best friend is having a medical emergency.

You know it’s time to make excuses when your date says…

“But you really remind me of my ex…”

Hair Flick

“Oh no, I seem to have forgotten my wallet…”

oh no you didn't

“I hope you don’t mind me choosing a pub with a big TV. I never miss a game…”

Pay attention to me

“How come you don’t look as good as you do in your profile picture… Was it taken a while ago?”


“You want dessert? Nah, we both know what we’re here for. Let’s grab a cab back to mine and get the night started properly…”

Excuse me

“You had more of our sharing starter than I did, so I’ll calculate that as one-third on my part of the bill and two-thirds on yours, okay?”

Cherly shocked

“Are those real?”

Excuse me?

“So, how do you think the date went then? I’d say it was a solid 7/10…”

I look forward to never seeing you again

Let us know if you’ve had any of these cringe-inducing conversations on a date before – we’d love to hear your stories!

But remember, for every bad date, a great one is just around the corner. And who knows, that window you climb out to of might push you straight in the path of your perfect match.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.

One response to “You know it’s time to make excuses when…”

  1. Carol Wain says:

    Yes i know some of these scenarios. The latest was a manwho never adked me what i wanted to dtink. On the table was some chilled white eine… luckily I like it. And no offer to buy any food / snack … it was lunchtime. He disagreed with nearly every comment i made… Mr. Surly. No, never again!