You Are So Into Them!

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Last week, we gave you five ways to tell if you’re just not that into them, now it’s time to get excited at the tell-tale signs that you’ve really fallen for somebody…

You can’t stop thinking/talking about them
You lay in bed at night and can’t help getting butterflies about future plans together, then they’re the first thing you think about when you wake up. You constantly watch your phone for any date-related updates and you’ve now entered the cute texting phase filled with funny pictures and though-provoking emojis. You’re probably annoying the crap out of your friends at the moment because you can’t have a proper conversation without mentioning their name (don’t worry, true friends will be just as excited as you), and although you can hear yourself going on and on, you just can’t stop!

Everything they do is cute
Nothing they do can annoy you at the moment. Watching them eat their dinner or watch TV, you can’t help but swoon at how adorable they are, even though they’re not even trying! You start to miss them when they’re not around because no one else can really make you feel the way they do.  They can talk about literally anything and you’d still find it interesting – cherish this phase!!

You get nervous
Even though you’re super comfortable around each other, you still get nervous about making the right impression; you meticulously plan what you’re going to say and how to act so they see the best version of you. Whether you’ve planned a movie date at home or a wild night on the town together, it takes twice as long as it used to to get ready. ‘Will they like this outfit?’ ‘How much is too much perfume?’ – all you want to do is impress them! Remember though, they probably love the messy hair and pajamas ‘you’ just as much.

You compromise
You respect each other’s hobbies and pastimes and are dedicated to incorporating yourselves into each other’s lives. Instead of creating an awkward situation or an argument, you both make sacrifices now and then to make the other person happy. Whether it’s date ideas, films or pizza toppings; you both have an understanding are always happy to come to a fair compromise.

No one else is good enough
You know you’ve found someone special when you don’t want to look twice at someone else. You haven’t logged into your dating profile since your first date (well, maybe once or twice to check if they’d written a diary entry about you) and you don’t even find the cute coffee barista cute anymore! On a night out with your friends they tease you for not wanting to talk to the hottie at the bar, but you don’t care; even though it’s early days, you’re completely faithful to each other.

Top tip: If you’ve been thinking of that one special person while reading this, you are head over bloody heels!

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