Worst. Date. Ever.

Ever been on a date that makes you think why me?! Let us assure you, it happens to all of us, even here at the Just Singles office! We’ve asked around and found some pretty cringeworthy stories that’ll make your worst date seem quite normal…


“He cooked me dinner at his house (worst meal of my life), then he made me sit there for 2 hours and watch a photo montage DVD of him and his Mum, complete with cheesy Westlife background music.”

 “We had only been seeing each other for a couple of months, we were watching a film at his parents’ house when I heard him say ‘I love you’. I completely panicked and, even though I didn’t mean it, I said ‘I love you’ back. After a long silence, he awkwardly said ‘I love you too’. It was only then that I realised I had misheard him and he never said it in the first place!”

“I hadn’t been on a date in a while and I wasn’t really sure of the etiquette of kissing on a first date (when you do it, how long for etc.). We started kissing at the beginning of the film and I wasn’t sure how long to wait until I pulled away… I finally pulled back and the end credits had started! I went home that night with severe stubble rash and we didn’t kiss for a few more dates.”

“My boyfriend was really shy when we first dated and would only kiss me if he was really drunk. He once got so drunk that we had to call an ambulance. It was only then that he plucked up the courage to kiss me and ended up projectile vomiting in my face.”

“We went to the zoo and he wouldn’t stop talking about how he went travelling with his ex-girlfriend and how amazing it was. I cried in the toilets for 20 minutes and left the date knowing more about his ex than I did about him.”

“It was all going OK until our first kiss. After the first one, he decided that once wasn’t enough and we had to have a full on snog every 5 minutes. Worst thing was, it was only around the 10th kiss that I realised he didn’t brush his teeth very well (or very often).”

“We went to the cinema. He seemed really chatty in our text conversations but wouldn’t talk on the date, even after the film. It took him an hour to attempt to hold my hand and it was really sweaty.”


Remember, you can’t appreciate the good unless you’ve experienced the bad! Good luck on your next date – don’t forget to brush your teeth!

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