Why You’ve Got NO Excuses Not To Be Online Dating


Are you looking for love but NOT dating online? Or have you taken a break from online dating and need a bit of a reminder why it’s the perfect way to find love? We’ve put together a list of the top five most common objections to online dating. Our experience in the dating industry, along with the advances made recently in online dating have made these excuses completely irrelevant now. If you’re in the right place, and ready to get out there and meet someone – we’d like to tell you why online dating is the place for you to be!

1. “It’s too expensive!”

If you think about it, a month’s subscription to JustSingles is £12.50. Think how much you would spend on a decent night out at a bar or club – anything under £15.00 would not go a long way… (unless you go to one of those 3 jaegarbombs for a fiver places, in which case good luck finding someone worthwhile there). For £29.95 you get unlimited access to thousands of singles, all shapes and sizes – from all walks of life. We call this a bargain!

2. “I’m just too busy.”

Online dating is easy and quick! Even if you log in for only 5 minutes a day you would be able to have a quick browse through the latest members, check your inbox and reply to all your fan-mail. It’s way more interesting than checking what your friend had for breakfast this morning on Facebook or Twitter, and will be worth it in the long run when you’ve found that special someone. No one is ever too busy to online date.

3. “I’ve had a quick look and I don’t like the look of anyone…”

It’s nice to think that the world is full of George Clooney/Angelina Jolie lookalikes… It’s a nice idea, but it’s just not the case. Next time you step into a bar, your local pub, walk down the street or walk into your office – have a look at all the people. Life isn’t a Hollywood film, and you can’t photoshop or airbrush real life. We’re not saying lower your expectations, but simply accept that not everyone is perfect, and sometimes photos don’t do people justice. Give it a chance, browse through members regularly and you will find the gems.

4. “A friend of mine tried it and it didn’t work for them!”

There are lots of reasons it may not have worked out for someone you know. It could have been wrong timing or the wrong website for them. The only way you are going to know that online dating doesn’t work for YOU is if YOU try it out. If you went to a bar for the first time, and your friend didn’t pull, you wouldn’t avoid ever going there again would you?

5. “I don’t have anything cool to say in my profile…”

Just because you haven’t traveled the world in a recycled canoe to save polar bears from melting ice-caps whilst reading the complete works of Shakespeare in Mandarin – it’s not an excuse to not try out online dating. Of course if you have done this, by all means write it. But we can guarantee that you will not find anyone who has really done anything as remarkable as our example – and this is the brilliant thing. You don’t need to have lived an extraordinary life to be noticed on JustSingles. The most popular profiles are short, sweet and a bit silly – so there’s no pressure!

So no more excuses, sign up today and take the first step to finding love, the easy way.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team