Why You Should Send A Compliment Today


Can we just say, you are looking really nice today! It’s National Compliment Day this Wednesday, which is great, but compliments are such a big part of online dating that you should be using them anyway. Hear is why and how to compliment to your advantage…

In Your Profile

Start as you mean to go on. Of course talking about yourself is your main priority here. But did you know that it’s possible to compliment someone in your profile who you haven’t even met yet? It’s true. After you write about yourself, your interests and your personality, talk about the type of person you are hoping to meet. If you need to find someone who loves animals, because you practically own a zoo, say something like, “I’m very attracted to animal-lovers because dogs are a great judge of character!” You have both sent out a signal to all the animal loving singles out there and made them feel good about themselves! You’re off to a great start!

In Your Diary

Read a great diary? Think they’ve got a point? Tell them! Most people write diary entries in the hope of responses from like-minded singles. A lot of people have found each other on the site this way. If they’ve made you laugh, or you’ve had a similar experience – use this as an ice-breaker. Even showing them that you’ve read what they’ve said is a massive compliment in itself. Get into the habit of reading and responding to people’s diaries, and writing your own.

In Your Messages

Before you send that message, take a look at their photo. What about them attracted you? Next read their profile, what is it that makes it stand out to you? Complimenting physical appearance, like ‘nice hair’ or ‘great beard’ can only get you so far. Don’t get us wrong it’s good, but what really gives you the edge and makes you stand out is admiring something they have written. Things like, ‘I see you love avocados, me too!’ or ‘You’re spot on about walking, it’s great isn’t it?’ shows that you feel you have already connected on a deeper level and have things in common, Anyone can appreciate a good beard in seconds, but you have made an effort to really get to know this person before you’ve even spoken to them.

We admire you for taking the time to read this. We just know that you will find love in no time, because you’re so nice, and everyone loves nice people!

Happy Compliment Day,

The Just Singles Team