Why Waiting Too Long Can End In First Date Disaster…


A recent study published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication reveals that waiting too long to arrange a date with someone does ruin your chances!

According to the study, chatting to someone for too long before meeting them gives you an idealised view of them, thus setting you up for major disappointment when you finally see each other and they don’t meet your now ‘perfect’ expectations.

The tipping point happens after 17 to 23 days. Researcher Artemio Ramirez, Jr., Ph.D. claims that in this short time period our “impressions and idealisations are at their peak.”

The online daters in the case study said their disappointment came from bad communication – they just didn’t come across how they did online. When you’re talking to a potential date online for too long, you start getting used to the way that they speak/act in their messages, but we all sound different in person compared to how we come across in an email! “Essentially, too much online interaction makes you think you know a person better”, says Ramirez.

So, just one more thing to consider in your online dating adventure! Of course, don’t use this as a strict guideline, but maybe it will give you the gentle nudge you need to bite the bullet and arrange that date!

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