Why Halloween Dates Are Fangtastic

It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurkin’ in the dark. Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart… It’s your date for Halloween! Don’t suffer the night alone, here are just some of the reasons why making Halloween a date night is frighteningly fun!


Head to a Halloween party together and show off your creepy creative side. Impress your date with an out of the box costume, or join forces and match your outfits! It’s a great way to come out of your shell and socialize with other ghouls… Here’s some couple costume inspiration, plus get analytical and figure them out by their costume choice.


Scary Movies

Stay in, if you dare! Snuggle up with your date with a monstrous movie. Studies have actually shown that the chemicals released when you’re scared make you feel infatuated with others around you. There are loads of reasons watching a thriller is a grrrreat date idea.



Challenge your date to carve the most petrifying pumpkin! What other time of year can you sanely carve vegetables for fun?! Add some romance by carving both your initials into a pumpkin as a surprise, or a message for your date.



Want to show off your bravery? This is the occasion to do so. No matter what ghoulish goings on you come across, you can look like the hero, braving the scary movies/pumpkin faces/trick or treaters…


So get cracking and find yourself a date for tonight! It’s too risky to spend it alone. For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller…

Mwhahaha! Happy Halloween!

Until next time,

The Just Spoooky Singles Team