Why Christmas Is A Great Time To Be Single!

Yes, you read that right. Being single at Christmas is actually great. Here’s why:

Office Christmas Parties

Being single at your Christmas party means no one to have to rush off early to meet, and if it’s the kind of party where plus ones are welcome, they’ll be no one there demanding that you introduce them to everyone, even though it’s pointless cos they’ll never see Phil from IT ever again…


You’ll be too busy to care

OK so being single means that you can’t get out of anything using the great excuse, “We’re doing joint presents this year, so it was your job.” This means that all the present buying, wrapping, secret santa-ing, stocking filling and cooking will be up to you. Which means it’ll be at least 5 days into January before you’re sober enough and have the energy to scream, “Oh why am I still single?!”


No gifts to have to return

We’ve all been there, even with family members who have known you your whole life there’s always a chance they’ll buy you Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits Album, and you’ll spend all of Christmas trying to work out why, and whether you give off subtle Stewart fan signals, and if so how can I stop that? Unwanted gifts are a fact of life, but if you’re single, that’s one less present to return, and one less argument to have around the table…


You also get to surround yourself with friends and family, so who needs a partner when there are so many relatives to argue with?! Only kidding. Enjoy the festive season, cos no matter how single you are, as Wizzard wisely said, IT’S CHRISTMAAAASSS!! (In a couple of weeks)

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team