Why British Boyfriends Are The Best

Prince William & Prince Harry Meet David Beckham In 2018 World Cup Bid

It’s St George’s Day today, and to celebrate, we’re giving you a run-down of a very unique creature called ‘the British man’. They come in all varieties here, and that’s why we love them…

Hunky Hipster

Characteristics: Laid back, witty, quirky sense of humour, romantic, independent, caring, foodie, great music collection.
Style: Will definitely have a beard, tattooed, lense-less glasses, skinny jeans, plaid, canvas bag, may be riding a penny farthing.
Why we love them: He always has somewhere fun and unique to take you on a date, you’ll never have a boring conversation and he’ll open your mind to things you didn’t even know existed!
Examples: Orlando Bloom, Robert Pattinson, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran.

Rough and Ready

Characteristics: Protective, straight-forward, hands-on, respectful, sporty, family-orientated, loyal, traditional.
Style: Whatever doesn’t need ironing.
Why we love them: He’s a tough cookie to the rest of the world, but only you get to see his soft and sweet side. This man’s man will always defend your honour and treat you like a lady – it’s nice to be the damsel in distress every once in a while!
Examples: Jason Statham, Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy, Sean Bean.

Posh Totty

Characteristics: Very well spoken, NEVER swears, always holding doors open for you, never flashy, amazing posture, family-orientated, well-travelled.
Style: Windswept hair, perfectly tailored suits, jumper over the shoulder, tweed blazers, hunter wellies, gilets, better shoes than you.
Why we love them: He’s very articulate, so he can charm the pants off of you in seconds. His impeccable manners, politeness and courteous behavior means you’ll be respected as a woman and treated like a lady at the same time.
Examples: Benedict Cumberbatch, Prince William, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston.

Jack the Lad

Characteristics: Chatty, witty, outgoing, flirty, rough diamond, life and soul of the party, friendly, sociable, pure bants.
Polo shirt, gelled hair, skinny, the latest trainers, deep v-neck tshirt, white formal shirt, gilet, tattoos.
Why we love them:
He may be a top flirt but he’s utterly devoted in a relationship. He wears his heart on his sleeve and has no problem telling his mates how lucky he is to be with you. Expects cuddles, PDA and lots of banter.
Danny Dyer, Mark Wright, Russell Brand, Prince Harry.

Adorably Awkward

Characteristics: Shy, smart, thoughtful, sensitive, polite, a gentleman, introvert, cute, romantic, caring, funny.
Jeans and t-shirt, nothing too outgoing or noticeable.
Why we love them:
He may be shy at first, but he’s just thinking of the perfect way to ask you out, once you get to know him he’ll show you his funny, daring and sexy side that no one else gets to see!
Daniel Radcliffe, Hugh Grant, Simon Bird, Richard Ayoade

Of course we know that not all men fit into a certain category; remember, you can search by lots of different characteristic at Just Singles! Happy St George’s Day!

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