Who’s Your Type?


Anyone who’s been watching ITV2’s Love Island would have heard the phrase, ‘You’re so my type!’ about a thousand times (in the first week alone!) Even those unfamiliar with the show would have heard about types or thought they have one. But what causes us to have a type? Do they really exist?

If we get all sciencey about it, there have actually been studies into whether or not people have types. As you can imagine, it’s kind of hard to prove. Psychologists recently got a group of women together to see if they could get to the bottom of the theory. You can read their full findings in detail in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, but here’s a short summary of what they discovered…

They found that people do have a type! Women tend to go for a similar type of man almost every time. However, there are many factors that influence who you find attractive. Firstly, it’s to do with where you live. Since you were born, you were surrounded by a certain culture. When looking for a partner you tend to look for people who fit into this culture. So, your type depends a lot on who surrounds you and who is available.

Also, you look for someone who shares your interests. Having a compatible personality contributes to a much longer lasting relationship than one which is driven by just looks alone. Religion can be a big factor, as well as shared values, passions and pastimes. This is why adding your Interests on your profile is so important.

So there is no definite answer, but it seems that on the whole people do have a certain ‘type’. Whether that’s men with beards or women with tattoos. To find your type on JustSingles, fill in Looking For. This allows compatible people to be notified when you match! What do you think? Do you have a type? Is it the time to go for someone a bit different?


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