Where we’re going, we still need roads…

Today is the day that Marty and the Doc travelled forward to in Back To The Future 2 (the one with the hover-boards). A lot has changed since the sequel was released in 1989 – but how much did the film get right?


The Doc was wrong when he said, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” We still need roads in 2015. But hover technology is actually not that far off the horizon. The company Lexus have brought out a hover-board of sorts, although you do need a metal track underground to make it work, not to mention quite a lot of money. There goes our dream of a having a spontaneous hover-board chase through the town centre…



Remember that time when you got caught in a freak rainstorm of biblical proportions? Nope, you’re right, there were no automatic-dry-modes in sight, and there still isn’t. This invention would be incredibly useful, and cheaper than paying for a weekly blow-dry, so we hope it doesn’t take 26 more years to invent…



You’ll think I’m pulling your leg about this one, but believe it or not – drone dog walkers do actually exist! (at least on YouTube). Not only designed to look after man’s best friend, drones equipped with cameras are now being used for filming and there are even plans for drones to deliver post soon.



Thankfully, we haven’t had to endure 19 Jaws films, just 4… As for the whole 3D phenomena, this was very accurate. Almost every action film is now available to see in 3D, and you can even watch everything from Downton Abbey to Coronation Street in 3D in your very own home with the purchase of a 3D TV, that’s if you want to…



The film promised us a world of voice controlled flat screen TVs. It certainly lived up to this promise, as we can now tell technology to do things and answer things for us almost always successfully (we’ve all had the odd Siri misunderstanding). But the future is not all rosey – where are those pizza hydrator/enlarger machines we were promised? We could use one of them right now.


So what does the future hold for us in the next 26 years? The best way to predict the future is create it, and the future, your future, literally starts today…

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.