What’s In A Name?


It’s one of the first decisions you make about your profile – what is your name? Some people use their real names, some people create nicknames or usernames and others just create a new name to go with their persona. But which is the right name for you to use? And does this decision effect how successful you are? Here are the pro’s and cons of which name you use…

Real names

Meaning if your name is John, your name on your profile is John.

Pro’s – If you use your real name there will be no awkwardness when you go on a date. They know what to call you and have an instant first impression of you being honest and open, which is always good.

Con’s – If you’ve got a rare name, or one that you hate you might not want to use it on your profile. Also sometimes you might prefer to shorten your name or use a name that your friends and family call you by instead.



Meaning if your name is John, your name on your profile is Jay.

Pro’s – Nicknames can sometimes seem friendlier and less formal. If you get called by your nickname more than your real name anyway, it’s logical that you would use this name. Nicknames are still names, they’re just not your birth name.

Con’s – Your nickname could be off-putting to other singles if it’s too informal. You might not look serious or it might make you look less mature. Choose the right nickname to avoid this.


Meaning if your name is John, your name on your profile is Happychap.

Pro’s – You can express your personality within your name. You are more likely to have a unique name on the site which will set you apart from others.

Con’s – You risk looking less human. If your name is based around a favourite team or a place you are instantly alienating yourself from a vast majority of people on the site. Usernames are very hit and miss (more miss than hit!) and are not encouraged in dating. If you want to come across as a happy person or a football fan – this is what your profile is for!


Made Up Names

Meaning if your name is John, your name on your profile is Richard.

Pro’s – You can easily slip into a different personality and literally reinvent yourself as someone else. Reinventing yourself could encourage you to date differently and come out of your comfort zone easier.

Con’s – Get ready for the awkward conversation explaining that it’s not actually your real name. Even if the made up name does allow you to reinvent yourself – is this wise? Relationships are built on trust, so lying about your name is not a great way to start. It’s great to act out of your comfort zone, but remember they are dating you, so it’s important that you stay as true to yourself as you can.

So, what’s in a name? Quite a lot! This decision is very important. Our advice – stick with your real name if you can. It’s better to be honest and upfront from the beginning. If you can’t for whatever reason, the next best thing is a nickname or abbreviation of your name.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team