Whatever, I’ll Just Date Myself…


Have you ever felt so exhausted by the dating game that you feel like buying a box of cats and just giving up altogether? Been in a rough relationship and can’t stand the thought of being in another one? Maybe it’s time for you to be your own rebound and date yourself for a while…

Your guide to some healthy self-lovin’:

Dress up
Wear only your favourite outfits, not the ones you think everyone else will like, but the clothes that make you look in the mirror and want to wink at yourself. Just because no one else wears it or it’s not in the magazines, doesn’t mean you don’t look damn hot in that outfit. The only person’s opinion that matters is your date’s (you).

Surprise yourself with gifts
Flowers? Chocolates? Aww you shouldn’t have! Treat yourself every now and then; think about how much money you’re saving not buying presents for other people and spend that money on yourself. Go away for a spa weekend a treat yourself, I insist!

Get to know yourself
Try new things, read books, watch new TV shows and keep a diary to get to know what your real interests are and how to make time for yourself to explore them more. Now is the best time to set out a list of goals and dreams you want to achieve that no future relationship will ever change.

Take yourself out
You can actually go out and do activities you really want to do now that you have no one to answer to, and you only have your schedule to worry about, so you can do what you want when you want! Go to the cinema and order a large popcorn all for yourself, go for coffee and read that book you’ve been meaning to open up; learn how to be alone and have fun.

Why everyone should date themselves at least once:

Learning to be happy alone for even a few months can have a massive effect on your confidence in your next relationship – in a good way. If something’s not right on your next date, you won’t be afraid to trust your instincts, even if that means being on your own again for a little while. You’ll get to know what you really love doing in life and what you’re not prepared to put up with – you know what you bring to the table, so don’t be afraid to eat alone.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.

About the author…


Rachel is a Marketing Executive. She’s obsessed with Game of Thrones and country music. Her favourite pastime is cuddling up with her two Labradors and binge watching Netflix.