What Your iTunes Says About Your Dating Life

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Ever been asked about your taste in music on a date? Of course you have! Music preferences can reveal a lot about someone’s personality and your compatibility with them. Cautiously answering “a bit of everything” may be getting you second dates for now, but what does the content of your iTunes actually say about your dating life?

Girl Power
If girls with big voices and big attitudes are dominating your collection, you’re likely to be the independent type who’s perfectly happy being single. Think Beyoncé and Jessie J, you’re no pushover when it comes to men! And if you’re a guy who knows all the words to Destiny’s Child’s Independent Woman, well good for you!

Depressing Love Songs
If you’re often in a reflective mood and regularly listen to the likes of Coldplay or Adele, immersing yourself in the deep and meaningful lyrics, it’s fair to say you probably have a very big heart. Now, we’re not one to judge but you may also be dwelling on a breakup or a long lost love, and it may just be time to move on.

Disney Songs
Downloading all the Disney soundtracks was probably just for fun at the time, but if you find you really do listen to these songs, and sing along, you’re probably the classic hopeless romantic, secretly (or maybe not so secretly) looking for your happy ever after!

The 80s
If your iTunes collection is 80s heavy, you may be a little nostalgic. Perhaps you’re longing for the days before online dating, when it was easier to meet people on a Saturday night – with your big hair and your leotard.

Club Tracks
Research has shown that people who listen to energetic dance music are more likely to be impulsive and blurt out their thoughts. This might not go down too well in a date scenario but if you’re always listening to the tracks that remind you of your weekends out partying, it sounds like you’re enjoying single life anyway!

Do you think the music in your iTunes reflects your dating life? Let us know!

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