What Their Interests Mean (Part 2)

Ever wondered about the deeper meaning behind why some singles add certain Interests to their profile? What distinguishes a ‘Keep Fit’ fan from a ‘Sports Watcher’? That’s what we’ll be exploring in Part 2 of What Their Interests Mean…

Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs

Restaurateurs are all about being waited on, literally. They prefer luxury to hard work and thrive in a bustling environment. Fans of pubs and clubs are very easy-going and friendly people, who enjoy being with people and having a laugh. Your dates will be full of conversation and laughter – lucky you!



These people tend to be quiet, deep-thinkers. They thrive in calmer and more peaceful environments. They enjoy dates that have more meaning behind them. Their ideal Sunday would be spent reading and learning, and they will need some alone time every now and again.

Computers & Internet

Well, everyone you see on the site will have used the internet at least once in their lives, so this one is kind of a given. But to have chosen this interest shows them as being perhaps more computer-savvy than the average person. These are the people who are all about social media, having the latest gadgets and knowing their cookies from their history.


This seems to be a very popular one. These people love exploring new cultures and visiting exciting new places. If you’re looking for a travel companion, seek these people out. They’ll be more than happy to jump aboard that cruise with you.


Keep Fit

These are the people who go to the gym religiously. They watch their weight, keep and eye on their diet and are constantly checking how many steps they’ve done. They’ll know what day of the week it is by what exercise class they are attending. These people will make great gym buddies and excellent motivators.

Sports (Playing & Watching)

Most people list both but they do say quite different things about a person. Your sport watchers tend to be more fans, the kind of people who enjoy cheering on their team or attending matches. Your sports players meanwhile take this love to the next level. They are competitive and disciplined. A great conversation starter is asking them what sports they play…

Green Issues

Those interested in green issues love the planet and the environment, and will be forthcoming with their opinions about current affairs. If you’re a fan of stimulating conversation and debate, these are the people you need to look out for. They are happiest when the are fighting for causes and making the world a better place, whether that’s saving the whales or recycling more often.

That’s it. All Interests have been covered. It really goes to show just how different everyone is on JustSingles. Find ‘The One” for you by searching by Interests. Click on Add Filter and then select the Interest you want to sort by. Happy searching!

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team