What Their Interests Mean (Part 1)

Interests can say a lot about the singles you encounter on the site. Ever thought about what they mean? With 25 varied interests available to choose from, here’s what we think each one says about that individual. Do you agree?


There are 5 options to choose: Pop, Classical, Jazz, Country and Rock. A pop lover will be fun-loving and maybe a bit cheesy, so be prepared for some banter in your messages! A classical fan is either old-school, or worse trying to be old-school. If they’ve selected classical, ask them some questions about Bach’s sixth symphony to see if their interest is legit… And to have a bit of a laugh at the confused response you get! Jazz fans will be cool, calm and know how to have a good time, whereas country music followers will have a more traditional outlook of life. Rock fans will be loud and edgy.


Movies, TV & Radio

These people know their pop culture. If you’re thinking of dating a single with one of these interests on their profile – we suggest a quiz night date. You’ll definitely win with these singles by your side, so even if the conversation doesn’t flow as well as the beer, you’ve got the glory and the prize money…

Theatre & The Arts

These people are a little bit fancier than most, so make sure your Tracey Emin knowledge is up to scratch! Date this person, and you’ll spend numerous weekends attending trendy gallery openings and drinking champagne. This single knows what’s in right now, play your cards right and you might just make it to the top of their ‘HOT right now’ list too!


This can vary from the person who selected this because they have been competing at Ballroom shows every weekend for the past 20 years to a single who likes to have a bit of a drunken jig to Status Quo down the pub every Friday. If they’ve got dancing on their profile – ask them what kind they like. There are so many different kinds you may just surprise yourself with their answer. Jive and Irish seem to be trending on the site recently… Just saying.


Don’t like animals or very allergic to fur, steer clear of these individuals! These are the kinds of people who have a pet or want a pet, so you might get in their way a bit if you’ve got certain phobias. We’ve found that the most animal obsessed people will include their pet in their photos, so be on the look out! If there’s no sign of an animal, maybe ask which is their favourite animal, or if they have any pets, then you know who or what else you’ll be dating…


Gardening & The Outdoors

If you like your home comforts – avoid these people! They thrive outdoors, surrounded by nature. You’ll need to prepare to spend your weekends exploring garden centres or trekking through forests, following trails. Prepare to meet the elements! These singles don’t let a downpour stop them from wandering. These people are the campers, stargazers and hedge preeners of JustSingles.

DIY/Crafts & Cooking

These people are hands on. They are practical and reliable. It’s always good to have a handyman or woman around. Crafty people like to stay busy and rarely chill or slack off. They will see a project right through to the end. If a single is interested in cooking, well, there goes your need for a restaurant reservation. You’ll never be stuck for date ideas with a cook!

So that was part one. We hope we’ve brought you an insight into what a person’s interests say about them. Start searching by Interest today! Click on Add Filter and then Interest when you search. Part two is coming to you next week, so watch out!

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team