What Not To Write In Your Online Dating Profile

Joining an online dating site can be scary.  Really scary.  We know you want to find the perfect partner and the tendency is to avoid people like your ex and be very specific about who you want to find.  This is definitely not a bad thing but writing this in a negative way on your profile can come across as a bit cold.

Instead of listing all the things you don’t want in a new partner, try spinning this around and turning it into a positive.  You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make!

Don’t Write: “Don’t contact me if you’re over 60.”

Do Write: “I’m 55 so I’m looking for someone aged 50 – 59.”

Don’t Write: “I am NOT looking for someone more than 20 miles away.”

Do Write: “I am looking for someone local to me, so if you’re within 20 miles of me send me a message!”


Don’t Write: “If you’re a player, married or just looking for sex, don’t waste your time.”

Do Write “I’m looking for a genuine person with no ties who is looking for a lasting relationship.”



Don’t Write: “I hate smokers and drinkers.”

Do Write “I don’t drink or smoke and I’d like to find someone who is the same.” 

Now you know what to write in your profile, why not give yours a spruce up!  Try to be positive and welcoming, while also being clear about what you are looking for on the site.  A little bit of positivity will go a long way with the right people.

Until next time,

The Just Singlers Team