What Not To Say On A First Date


Your online dating tactics have worked and you’ve gone and got yourself a date. You smoothy you! Now, it’s about to get real. No more hiding behind that computer screen, thinking of witty comebacks to the latest message. This time you’re on your own. And of course, the most important thing to be on a first date, is yourself. That said, you also want to try and make a good first impression and there are certain things that just shouldn’t be said on a first date. Be sure to avoid the following…

“Oh, you look different to your profile photo!”
What they hear: I quite fancied you from your photo… I’m not so sure now I’ve seen you!

“Fancy coming back to mine?”
What they hear: I’m only after one thing.

“Why did you and your ex split up?”
What they hear: Tell me all of your relationship failings so I can assess what I’m getting myself into here.

“Do you mind if I use a coupon for dinner?”
What they hear: I’m really tight with my money.

“You’re not the type of person I’d usually go for.”
What they hear: I’m not sure if I like you really.

“How’s online dating been going for you?”
What they hear: Am I just one in a string of first dates you’ve been on?

“You’d like my ex.”
What they hear: I still like my ex.

“I’m not looking for anything too serious.”
What they hear: This date won’t actually lead to anything.

“I thought you were the other person in your profile photo!”
What they hear: I actually liked the look of your friend… Are they single??

“I hate my job.”
What they hear: I’m a real misery guts.

“My friends say I’m too clingy, but I just like to give relationships my all.”
What they hear: Start something with me and you can say bye to your precious “me time!”

“I think I love you!”
What they hear: I’m just a little bit crazy…

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The Just Singles Team.

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Emma is a Marketing Engagement Executive. She went to Bournemouth Arts University and has a degree in Fashion Studies. She has a love for vintage markets and enjoys nothing more than a weekend at a muddy music festival.