What Is Whelming?

You’ve heard of being overwhelmed and probably underwhelmed, but have you ever heard of whelming? It’s the latest bad dating trend to get its own word. But what does it mean to be whelmed and how could it effect your dating life? We investigate…

Popularity getting you down?

What Is Whelming?

You are chatting online and someone starts moaning about how busy they are chatting to so many people at a time. Think phrases like, “I hate being so popular!” or “I just don’t have the time to get back to all these singles who are interested in me…” It’s a kind of bragging disguised as being genuinely concerned. Being popular on a dating site isn’t ever a serious issue, so there’s no need for anyone to say this, unless they’re trying to make you jealous. This is whelming.

Does It Happen A Lot?

It does, especially around this time of year. This is because it’s actually the busiest time for online dating, so there is generally more attention to be had right now. People whelm for all types of reasons. They might just feel like bragging. Some people always feel the need to impress. It might be a hint for you to step up your game and ask them out or someone else will. Or, they might be trying to discover if you’re speaking to anyone else.

“Tell me more about how many messages you’ve got today.”

What Do I Do If I Get Whelmed?

Since whelming can happen for different reasons, the first thing to do is to try and figure out what their intention is. Have they bragged to you a lot before? It’s up to you whether you continue to get to know them. If you’ve been speaking for a while and you are yet to really make a move or suggest a date, you may take it as a hint. Think about whether you feel ready to meet this person in real life, go for it and ask them out! If they follow up with a question about how many other people you’re speaking to, it’s up to you what you reveal.

How Do I Avoid Whelming Someone?

First of all, try not to be too braggy when dating. There will be things that you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of, but you only need to mention them once. If you are being overwhelmed by messages and attention on the site, the people you’re talking to do not need to know this. As far as they’re concerned, their conversation is just with you, so there’s no need to mention anyone else. If you’re feeling frustrated that they haven’t asked you out yet, make the first move yourself instead or worrying them into it!

Don’t get whelmed.

So don’t feel overwhelmed with whelming, but don’t be underwhelmed either. Whelming is an annoying dating trend, but it isn’t anything to be worried about. The thing is to remember about this bad trend is: keep your popularity to yourself.